Getting Great Hair

Deep Condition

In order to have healthy hair, you need to have a good conditioning routine. I love deep conditions because they replenish your hair with necessary proteins and moisture. You can make your own deep conditions with products that you already have in your kitchen instead of going out and buying a new product. I would advise you to deep condition your hair twice a month (once every two weeks) and leave it on your hair for at least one hour. Wrap your hair with a shower cap or in the old fashioned way, with a plastic bag. Here are some amazing, kitchen-made deep conditions for your hair.

Mayonnaise, Eggs and Olive Oil. Mayonnaise is great for conditioning your hair and adding nutrients to it. My mom has been using mayonnaise in her hair forever. When I was younger, I thought it was gross and did not want to put it in my hair but now I love it. Eggs are also great for your hair. It reconstructs it which is important since you want to be able to retain the hair that you have. Olive Oil strengthens hair, moisturizes it and tames it. Most people know about the benefits of Olive Oil and there are so many hair products that includes it today. There is even an Olive Oil line so it is definitely one of the finest products for hair care.

Mayonnaise, Cayenne Pepper and Olive Oil. This is extremely similar to the first method. Cayenne Pepper is great for stimulating hair growth. I had no idea that Cayenne Pepper could benefit hair until I asked my mom what she used in her hair after noticing how healthy it looked. She started listing the products she used to deep condition her hair and Cayenne Pepper was on that list. I was disgusted at first and told her that she can’t put Cayenne Pepper in her hair! She did a quick Google search and showed me that many people were using it and it had proven benefits. Since Cayenne Pepper is my favorite food seasoning and I always have it in stock, I figured that I needed to find a way to use it to benefit my hair.

Coconut is great for the re-growth of damaged hair. If you don’t have Coconut Milk, you can also use Coconut Oil. With any of these recipes, you are able to add any of the other oils that you love to them.


The weeks that you are deep conditioning your hair are also the weeks that you want to shampoo your hair. Shampoo is not good for your hair because it strips it of its nutrients. It’s advised to shampoo your hair as little as possible. I choose these weeks because the negative effects of shampooing will be canceled out (at least partly) by the great results of deep conditioning your hair. You are going to need to use shampoo to wash out the messy products from your hair. You want to choose shampoos that have no sodium sulfate or a small amount because sodium sulfate dissolves the oil in your hair. You want your hair to be nourished, not dry, so you don’t want to put anything in it that can cause it to become dry.

Regular Condition

On the two weeks that I am not using a deep conditioner, I use a regular conditioner. I only wash my hair once a week. I know that others wash their hair more often than that so if you do, you want to use a regular conditioner and no shampoo. The only times you want to use shampoo are the two times in the month that you are using your deep conditioner and shampoo.

In my conditioner, I added some Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Oil. The only reason why I did not add any Coconut Oil is because it came in a solid form. I make great use of my Coconut Oil anyway (as you will see later) so I don’t mind it not being in my conditioner. Now if you’ve been in the hair section of any store lately, you would have seen that there are many shampoos and conditioners that already include some of these oils in them. Well, if you can get cheaper products and add the oils yourself, don’t you think that’s a beneficial situation? I do! Especially if you already have some conditioner at home and you are just starting to take good care of your hair. You can also use your conditioner with the oils added as a deep conditioner.